Blazor WASM .NET 7 running on a Raspberry PI 4

blazorwasm .NET 7 on a Raspberry PI

Ok, this is exciting.  The .NET framework has come a long way in the last few years and what MS has done with Blazor is incredible.  Sure, this tech stack has been around a little while, but its exciting for me because its the first time I've married it all together.

I recently worked on a application to let users communicate the seating availability of a theater and we wanted to do it in real-time. This sounded like a job for Websockets and what better way to do it then using a Blazor WASM hosted application??

Here is the process.

WebJobs: lessons learned

I recently worked through a project which required us to move a Windows Service to Azure.  The Windows Service was a queue listener pointed at an Azure Service Bus which received messages then processed them against other APIs or directly against a database.  Most of the code was copy/paste, but I did run into a few gotcha's that took some debugging, digging, and diligent research.


We considered the following:


A fresh start

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We have just moved our hosting to SiteGround which has proven to be a reliable solution for many of our clients.  Please pardon the mess as we establish our new site.